PAD PDF Generators 1.0.9 - YF 6.3.x


PAD Pdf Generators is a plugins bundle, for YetiForce CRM.

It adds alternative PDF generators: mPDF, WebKit Html To PDF (wkhtmltopdf) and Google Chrome (endless).

The new PDF generators can be used likewise the YetiForce built-in generator.

For single entity printing, multi-entities printing (zip), multi-entities printing in a single PDF file, sending by email and sending PDF via workflow.

It is possible to associate a style file (CSS) to each generator: the style classes can be used in the PDF template.


Some features:

  • generator activation / deactivation
  • high quality rendering
  • CSS file association for mPDF, WebKit Html To PDF and Google Chrome generators
  • CSS editor
  • PDF preview
  • barcode / qrcode function


Compatibility: YetiForce 6.3.x

Requirements: YetiForce, PAD Extensions Manager
IMPORTANT: to complete the installation, you must have full access to the web-server. The installation requires the use of "Composer", which must already be installed on the web-server. You also need to install the wkhtmltopdf package and/or the Google Chrome web browser.
IMPORTANT: operation is only guaranteed on Linux web-servers
Refer to the User Guide for details: User Guide

Language: English, Italian, Russian

License: GNU General Public License (GPLv3)


PAD PDF Generators User Guide


  • Model:padpg63x-010009

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